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How it works

Bring your laptop to a Swag Swap location and download whatever you want to from the plethora of CDs. If you don't have your laptop, feel free to take the CD home with you, download it and then bring it back if you can.
Burn a CD or DVD of some of your favorite things and bring it to any Swag Swap disc-holding device. These are some steps to follow to streamline the process:
  • Leave the CD/DVD in a case. If you don't have a case, simply make one out of a piece of paper
  • List the contents on the outside somehow. If possible, print them on your fancy new paper CD case. You can also write on the CD or a slip of paper.
  • List them digitally. Copy that same list into a text file called "Contents".
  • 3.Document
    If you want to put the contents of your disc online, simply go to the document page.
    Come back as often as you like to see if there are new CDs or to drop off your CDs.